Terms of Reference

National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFC)

Rules of Procedure

1.General provision

1.1These rules have been designed to facilitate the work of the NTFC. These are   meant to function as general guidelines only and are not exhaustive or comprehensive. As the Committee comprises of senior officials and functionaries in the Government and private sector, one does not expect any controversies or polarized positions while discussing a wide range of issues relating to trade facilitation.


2.1 The NTFC shall hold a meeting once in every three months.

2.2The Chairperson may however convene additional meetings as he/she may deem    appropriate. Any member can request the Chairperson for an additional meeting on submission of a written request giving the reason thereon.

2.3The Member-Secretary shall circulate the agenda at least one week prior to the date of the proposed meeting.

2.4For the sake of continuity, only the designated member in the Committee shall be entitled to attend the meeting. In exceptional cases, Secretariat on prior permission from the Chairperson may invite other agencies to attend the meeting, if there are any issues concerning the Trade.

2.5The chairperson with consent from the members may direct to form a working committee to carry out study related to trade and transport.

2.6The Chairperson may invite observers and guest speakers to facilitate the work of the NTFC with the consent of its members.

3Quorum and decisions

3.1At least two-thirds members shall be present for holding any meeting.

3.2All decisions in the meeting shall be taken by consensus of members present in the meeting.

3.3Guests and observers may clarify issues and facilitate discussions during the NTFC meetings. However, the Committee shall have the discretions whether to accept their views in decision-making.


4.1The Chairperson shall preside over the meetings.

4.2The Chairperson may direct the Vice-Chairperson to preside over a meeting in his absence.

4.3The Member-Secretary shall be responsible for calling for meetings and for preparing, maintaining and circulating their records.

The Committee shall endorse the Minutes of its meeting as circulated by the Member-Secretary at its subsequent meeting.

4.4Each member is free to make written submissions to the Committee through the Member-Secretary who will table the submission for discussion at the subsequent meeting with the permission of the Chairperson.

5Establishment of sub-committees or working groups

5.1The NTFC may establish sub-committees or working groups with the consent of its members for specific tasks requiring detailed discussion and consideration.

5.2The Committee shall approve the members of such sub-committees or working groups provide and clear terms of reference and time frame for completion of the assigned tasks.

5.3The sub-committees or working groups shall organize their own working methods and elect a moderator.

5.4The moderator shall present a verbal and written report to the NTFC upon completion of its work.

6Responsibilities of members

6.1The Chairperson shall be the head of the NTFC and shall be responsible for overall work and progress of the Committee.

6.2He/she shall represent in major forum where the views of the Committee are required to be conveyed or shared.

6.3The Vice-Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson in discharging his/her responsibilities and represent him in his absence.

6.4The Member-Secretary shall be responsible for overall coordination.

6.5The Member-Secretary shall be the head of the Secretariat of the Committee.

6.6The other members shall support the above members as required and as directed by the Chairperson.

6.7Each member shall act and participate in the meeting in the best interest of the NTFC, while keeping in view the role of the organizations they represent in trade facilitation.


7.1There shall be Secretariat to assist and provide services to the NTFC.

7.2It shall be located either in the Department of Revenue and Customs or the Department of Trade as these two are the main organizations or lead agencies involved in trade facilitation. However, the Committee may decide to establish an independent Secretariat.

7.3The NTFC shall ensure that the Secretariat is sustainable with adequate personnel, facilities, equipment and budget for its operations.

7.4The Secretariat may be financed from the regular budget of the Government, voluntary contributions from participating and other relevant organizations, contributions from donors or a combination thereof.

7.5The expenses incurred by the NTFC and its Secretariat shall be subject to regular financial, budgetary, personnel or rules applicable to Government organizations.


8.1The Chairperson shall submit an annual report on the work of the NTFC to Lhengyal Zhuntshog at a time to be decided by the Committee. The same report shall also be circulated to the heads of the agencies represented in the Committee and other relevant organizations.

9Duration of membership

9.1The duration of the membership in NTFC shall be for three years starting from January 2014 while the NTFC itself shall remain operational as long as it is needed or as decided by the Lhengyal Zhuntshog.

9.2The members may be changed or their terms extended after three years based on an independent evaluation to be carried out on the work of the NTFC. (View More)

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