Tracking new Taxpayer Number (TPN) for registered Taxpayers

  • Use your CID and date of birth in the TPN Search engine in the web portal.
  • Use your new TPN as the user id and password to log into the RAMIS.
  • For CIT payers, contact the RRCO of Registration for your user id and password.
  • After you login, you must immediately change your password for security reasons.
  • PIT/BIT and CIT payers must update your registration details and submit online to the concerned RRCO for amendment.
  • After amending the registration details, you can start filing your tax returns online using RAMIS.
  • For BIT filers, remember to switch your profile before filing the tax returns.
  • Registered taxpayers who could not track your new TPN must registered fresh. Make sure you choose the same RRCO where you were previously registered.
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